Friday, January 30, 2009

Cut down of "Bus workers strike" by Reel News

"It is important that workers should speak, not only about strikes in their place of work but about their children and their education, about everything that is relevant to their life. To a large extent the online organ must become a workers’ diary. Many workers find it difficult to write. When they speak quite often they are incomparably better than when they write because their concreteness, their colourfulness, their individuality comes through – and after all, for Marxism it is always central that the truth is always concrete. When workers write quite often they adapt their style to what they think the style should be and therefore it becomes dull and jargonised. Therefore the use of a video camera or mobile phone to record their words and then editing the story while keeping the flavour intact is very, very important and should be used."

Tony Cliff slightly rephrased
Original video by Reel News

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